Aspiring Litigators of America

President and Founder: Robert M. Evans

The Expansion of the ALA and its Members

The growth of the ALA solely depends on the devotion and activeness that is provided by its members. The main formation of the ALA and its Executive Board is still undergoing process and will hopefully speed up in the 2010-2011 school year with your assistance. The ALA will only become as large as the public and its members will allow it to.

If you would like to become a member of the ALA, please do so in the Online Based Members page of this website. When becoming a member, be sure to include the legal profession that you're pursuing in the Comments section of your membership form.

If you are interested in creating an ALA Chapter in your school or community, you must become an ALA member first. Then, once you are an ALA member, you may send an email to Robert Evans at This email should contain the first and last names of the chapter's members, the members that are assigned to each position of the chapter's Executive Board (the chapter's President, Vice President, Director of Development, and Secretary), the legal profession that each member is pursuing, the academic honors awarded in each member's name, and the location of the chapter. Then, if your chapter meets the ALA's qualifications, you will be sent an email further describing your ALA Chapter's duties that must be met, what each ALA monthly meeting should consist of, the responsibilities of each position in the chapter's Executive Board, etc. If the formation of your ALA Chapter is successful, your chapter will then be recognized in the Chapters page of this website.      

First ALA Meeting at LVA with Attorney Acklen

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, the Aspiring Litigators of America held their FIRST MEETING in which, Attorney Jonathan B. Acklen was an honored speaker. Attorney Acklen is a personal injury attorney at the law firm, Cohen and Feeley. The meeting took place in the High School Cafeteria of Lehigh Valley Academy. At the conclusion of the meeting, ALA President and Founder, Robert M. Evans had the privlege of presenting Attorney Acklen with a plaque of appreciation for his support of the ALA.

Upcoming Events

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